Life in Common

In its essence, every Religious Community is rooted in the heart of the Blessed Trinity, and each one is a unique expression of the one dynamic Trinitarian communion. The life of communion lived by the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma is based upon the legacy of Union and Charity bequeathed to us by Venerable Mother Catherine McAuley. It is fostered by lifelong formation in the principles of the spirituality of communion articulated by the Church, particularly since the Second Vatican Council.


Union and Charity

In the original Foundation of the Sisters of Mercy, Mother Catherine McAuley placed an extraordinary emphasis on the practice of communal charity. For several years, until the first Constitutions were approved, the single chapter on “Union and Charity” was the sole guide for the newly-founded community. In the history of the Sisters of Mercy, leading up to the 1957 Customs and Guide of the Sisters of Mercy, Union and Charity has persisted with preeminent importance, demonstrating the centrality of the pursuit of Union and Charity to Mercy spirituality.


Spirituality of Communion

As Sisters of Mercy, we have drawn upon our rich heritage for our formation in the spirituality of communion. The Sisters establish firm and stable bonds with the members of the community to which they have been assigned by exercising courtesy and engaging in dialogue with the Sisters with whom they live.

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Magnification of Communion

The Religious Profession has created a new bond between the Sister and the One and Triune God, in Jesus Christ. Impelled by this extraordinary privilege, the Sisters strive to foster the communion that they have received as a gift in their Religious Consecration, for the magnification of that communion first within the community and subsequently within the various places and relationships in which a Sister may be called to serve.