Temporary Profession

Ordinarily, the period of time between first profession and perpetual profession is five years. During the Second Year Novitiate, the Sister makes request for her acceptance to profess Vows. That summer, she pronounces her First Profession of Vows, which extend for three years, following these three years, she requests acceptance to renew her profession of Vows for 2 more years. During this time of temporary profession, the Sister is involved in professional studies or work in a Mercy apostolate while intensifying her life of prayer and common life. While at her entrance to Novitiate the Sister became incorporated into the Institute and received the habit, at her profession of Vows the Sister herself enters into a spousal bond with the Lord, which is rooted in her Baptismal consecration and expresses it in greater fullness.

We make an entire offering of the remainder of our lives to God—our will, our humors, our inclinations. This offering in itself is so pleasing to God that at however advanced a period of life it is made, He will reward the oblation with His grace, provided the offering is a generous, cheerful and unreserved one.
— Mother Catherine McAuley